• Save your searches as bookmarks and recall them as you wish. bookmarks
  • The image details panel now displays the file path and let you copy in the clipboard copy path
  • Refined design and colors to make the UI even more slick
  • The image wall and the filmstrip now scroll to the currently selected item

Bug fix

  • Photo wall context menu options to open in external tools are repaired and more applications are now supported:

    • Windows Explorer
    • Photoshop
    • Lightroom
    • Affinity Photo (new)
    • Capture One (new)
    • PhotoLab
    • ON1 Photo RAW (new)
  • In wall mode the scroll bar could jump back and forth when images have very different ratios
  • In wall mode the bottom of the view could let the last row a bit cut
  • The search field hint text could be displayed over the search text in a specific case