• Thumbnail cache size can now be constrained to a limited size
  • Thumbnails quality can be chosen between 128/256/512 pixels (it was 128px before)
  • Keywords can now be added in chain which improves productivity
  • Keywords can be added/removed to multiple images at once thanks to multi-selection
  • Images can be filtered by pick and reject criteria
  • More keyboard shortcuts added, and they are now displayed in tooltips
  • A zoom level indicator is now displayed when zooming in/out in single or filmstrip mode zoomlevel
  • Creation date and modification date are now displayed in the detail panel
  • Improved search criteria popup windows readability

Bug fix

  • When resizing the thumbnails in wall mode it’s now perfectly smooth
  • Thumbnails were cropped to fit available space, there are now scaled (so you see the full content)
  • Gif files were not visible in single image mode when navigating to previous or next image
  • Files with JPEG extension were not detected (JPG did work fine)
  • The date range picker is now displayed quickly even the first time
  • The date range picker now highlights dates were images are found
  • The date range picker now sorts months in the correct order


  • Single image mode [S]
  • Filmstrip mode [F]
  • Wall mode [W]
  • Fullscreen [F11]
  • Show collections panel [C]
  • Show advanced search [A]
  • Change thumbnail size [Control] + [Mouse Wheel]
  • Play pause GIF file [Space]
  • Focus in search bar [Control] + [F]
  • Quit Single image mode [Escape]
  • Quickly switch between wall and single image mode [Double click]
  • Pick image (thumb up) [P]
  • Reject image (thumb down)
  • Unset pick and reject [U]
  • Rate image (stars) [0] [1] [2] [3] [4] [5]
  • Navigate through images [Left Arrow] [Right Arrow]