You can now visualize your images in a brand new way with grouping. Choose an image property (file format, rating, path, camera body …) and images sharing the same value for that property will be gathered in groups that can be expand/collapsed. Browsing through your images has never been easier.

Sort icons

Sort icons
Immediately see how the images are sorted thanks to the icon now visible on the sort button. In the same idea, for a better readibility each sort property is now decorated with an icon in the drop down menu.

File format filter

File format filter
A file format filter is now available. You could type in a file extensio in the search field but you could not combine multiple format at the same time. Thanks to this new filter is now possible.

Filters visibility

Filters visibility
Thanks to an horizontal scrolling you can now access all filters even when the window is two small to display all filters at the same time.
Indeed, with the new file format filter and more coming in the future, the filter’s toolbar needs more en more space and will not always fit into the window.

TGA and EXR support

Support for EXR and TGA
Welcome to video game developers and artists who often use TGA and EXR files and share the same needs than photographers when it comes to asset management.

Bug fixes

  • Thumbnails are no more generated bigger than original image
  • An optimisation has been done to avoid re-processing thumbnails when it’s not needed
  • Image detaction has been improved when the creation or modification date has not changed
  • Removing an excluded folder was not working anymore
  • Prevent adding too long key words that was leading to some issues with database
  • Rename and remove features was not available in trial period
  • Reverse geo-localisation with a multi-selection is taken into account without the need to refresh
  • Fixed an issue when reading metadata for some specific png and gif files
  • When only network shares were included, the first time screen was displayed at every startup