• In the recent activity view you can now display random images
  • While adding new images the progress indicator in the recent activity view is more visible. The estimated remaining time is also displayed
  • Image indexing is now about 3 to 4x faster

Bug fix

  • Selected a filter bookmark could sometime crash
  • In the settings view, the “reset included folders” button now does something: it switch to the full disks scan with a confirmation dialog box
  • Default thumbnail size should have been medium by default but it was not
  • In the image details panel, if there was no shot date (no exif) the previous image shot date was displayed
  • Recent activity did not select correctly the images for the “Today” item
  • The calendar navigation was broken (next year and previous year)
  • When creating a new collection the multi-selection was not taken into account
  • The statistics page is now updated if new images are added while the application is running
  • When resetting the search filters the search pattern was kept (as expected) but not applied