• Added support for Canon CR3 Raw format
  • When scanning process takes a long time, newly added images are visible on the fly (every 1000 images)
  • Rating and pick&reject is now supported with multiple images selection
  • You can now delete an image or multiple images (Pro only), batch rename will be available soon
  • Added an Iso Speed search criteria (and better iso value identification)
  • Compatibility with Windows 7 and 8
  • Improved first time photo wall discoverability

Bug fix

  • Fixed removing a folder to be watched was not removing images from the database
  • Switching from hand picked folders to all disks scan now triggers the full scan
  • Fixed filters popup could remain visible on top of another application
  • Fixed random crash while trying to buy the product
  • USB are better detected (only NTFS drives were detected before)
  • Switching view mode (single image->filmstrip or image wall) now keeps the selected image visible
  • Adding/removing keywords to multiple images is now instantaneous
  • Applied filters counter could disappear when going to the home/settings/statistics page and coming back to Search page
  • Improved camera brands and bodies classification
  • Some camera bodies filters could provide empty results (because of a sneaky space)