• Added support for network shares (ex: \\myserver\sharename\)
  • Added support for FAT32 disk (it should have been there from the beginning)
  • Side bar is simplified with big visual tooltips
  • Unavailable images now have an explicit icon with a tooltip
  • When files are removed from disk they are also removed from PhotoInsight (unless the disk is disconnected)
  • If PhotoInsightService is stopped or crashed the home screen warns the user and let him restart the service
  • Save / restore photo sort criteria and direction

Bug fix

  • Installer will now install Microsoft VCRedist 2015-2019 which is needed to see Raw files (and can be missing on some computers)
  • Fixed some icons were not visible because of a missing font
  • Fixed an issue preventing thumbnails from being processed
  • Allow only single instance of PhotoInsight
  • When the user deny running PhotoInsightService an explanatory message box is displayed and the application is properly closed
  • Fixed a potential crash when there’s no image in the database
  • Fixed missing localization in French when adding custom external tools
  • Fixed missing localization in French in the calendar picker
  • Fixed a crash with context menu in the Photo Wall
  • PhotoInsight Service did not start scanning automatically after reboot
  • Fixed several rare crash gathered through telemetry