• Take images modification date into account to update database
  • Images displayed in home screen can be clicked to open the search screen with a matching filter
  • Calendar can now handle shot dates, modification dates, creation dates and added dates
  • Added a built-in filter to search for images with no keyword set
  • Added a button to open the online documentation
  • The sort popup now displays a hint to better understand how images will be sorted
  • Added built-in bookmarks to search for recently shot photos (today, this week, this month, this year)
  • Network shares credentials can now be updated or removed
  • Delete key can be used as a shortcut to delete an image
  • Improved log messages

Bug fix

  • Fixed missing French localization in the calendar picker
  • When database update is unexpectedly interrupted it can now recover properly on next start
  • Layout buttons (Single image, Filmstrip, Photo Wall) were missing highlight behavior
  • Context menu is now available in Single Image and Filmstrip layouts
  • Home screen cover images could be cropped depending on their ratio
  • Fixed many credential issues related to network shares
  • Display the image’s thumbnail (if it has been processed) even when the image is not available (because the disk is disconnected)
  • Tiff images could not be read anymore
  • Sort direction was inverted when the view was refreshed