Batch renaming (new)

  • Batch rename a selection of images
    • Configurable place holders
    • Compare old / new file names
    • File name validity check
  • Delete and Rename commands are now available in the context menu


  • Searching for multiple words in the search field will output the AND combination instead of OR
  • Keywords list design and readability has been improved
  • Added a new shortcut (K) to add a keyword to the currently selected images
  • Keywords auto completion: never type twice the same keyword and avoid similar words

Details panel

  • Details panel can now be collapsed/expanded
  • Details panel now shows more information
    • Dimensions in pixels
    • Orientation (landscape / portrait)
    • Country (based on GPS Exif info when available)
    • Image caption / description caption
  • Shot date, modification date, creation date and date added to database are now also displayed for PNG and GIF files too
  • Long filename can be split on two lines when it does not fit on one line (the tooltip now shows the full path)
  • For better readability dates are now anchored on the right of the details panel


 The Photo Wall now can now load instantaneously even with hundreds of thousands of images


  • A new button lets you easily unselect a collection
  • F1 shortcut will open the documentation in you default browser
  • Increased maximum thumbnail size in the photo wall to 1024px instead of 512px

Bug fix

  • Fixed access denied to database file preventing from adding keywords, collections or bookmarks
  • Fixed thumbnails would not be recomputed when changing the size setting
  • Fixed text in the search bar could overlap the result counter indicator
  • Fixed a rare crash that could happen while updating available keywords
  • Fixed another rare crash triggered by the image wall in very specific conditions
  • Fixed keywords in the details panel could have different height when there was multiple lines
  • Fixed external tool icon could be missing either in the photo wall context menu or in the settings page
  • Fixed inconsistent search result when unselecting a collection in some specific cases
  • Fixed crash when trying to add a root network share to the included folders