Save metadata (new)

When you add keywords to a photo or change rating those metadata can now be saved to the original file. Indeed you still can select multiple images to assign the same value to many images at the same time.
This will allow you to recover those information in any other software that supports Exif metadata.

Edit author and caption (new)

  • The author and caption can now be edited
  • These fields are now also available for Png and Gif files
  • These fields are also saved in the original file


  • Displaying search query results is now much faster than before
  • Reduced memory footprint for Gif files when they have no animation

Details panel

  • Number of selected images is displayed
  • Dates shown in the details panel now display time of the day.

Photo Wall

  • Keyboard navigation has been improved, especially for “Home” and “End” keys which respectively jump to the very first image and to the very last one
  • The selected image is kept visible even when you change view mode, change the thumbnail size or if the window’s size change

Update banner

When a new version is available the banner displayed at the bottom of the window is now much more visible. You can even choose to hide it.

Bug fixes

  • On home screen “This week” didn’t always select the good date range
  • Fixed delete file was not working in filmstrip and single image modes
  • Fixed an issue when adding a new folder, a complete folder rescan was performed
  • Fixed an issue in the settings page where the maximum cache size was always zero
  • Fixed a random crash when applying filters
  • Fixed an issue when selecting non contigous dates, actually all dates between the first and the last were taken into account to filter
  • Deleted images from the hard drive were not removed from the database anymore
  • Image sorting was not properly applied until at least one change was done on sorting
  • Partial keyword search now works
  • Adding a folder from a computer on the same network was not working (only mounted shared folders did work)