Geo tagging (new)

You can now assign GPS coordinates to your images with a simple drag and drop on the world map. When an image already has GPS information a marker will be displayed on the map.
You can

  • Show / hide the map
  • Choose between small or large display

Also the country names extraction from GPS coordinates has been improved.

Details panel right dock (new)

You can now choose to dock the details panel on the right or the bottom sides of the window.

Application state save and restore

Much more user settings are now saved and restored:

  • Last openned page (photo wall, recent activity, statistics, settings)
  • Details panel position (bottom or right side)
  • Details panel visibility (collapsed or expanded)
  • Thumbnails size in the photo wall
  • Advanced filters display (visible or hidden)
  • World map visibility (visible or hidden)
  • World map size (small or large)


Version 1.1.1 introduced a loading progress indicator in the Photo Wall and Filmstrip scroll bar. This was a good way to let you know when the whole view has finished loading.
You can check the release note here
With this new update the loading process has been so much improved that you may not see the scroll bar progress indicator anymore. At least, with 50k images it’s instantaneous.

First time wizard

Too many users were misled with the mode were PhotoInsight automatically scans all disks.
So this mode has been removed. Only the mode were you manually pick folders or disks remains.

Bug fixes

  • Text was a bit blurry in the the statistics page
  • Camera brand statistics are replaced by camera body statistics
  • Fixed a crash at startup while trying to close ExifTool ghost process
  • The photo wall was scrolling to the first selected image each time you select an additional image (multi-selection)
  • When changing the thumbnails size any multi-selection was lost
  • General improvement on scrolling behavior to prevent any unexpected scrolling and also keep the selected image visible