Video file support (new)

Organize your video files like you would do with photos: rating, comments, keywords and even geotagging! You can also auto-play on mouse over (can be changed in the application settings).

Drag & Drop (new)

Add one more multiple folders to scan with a simple drag&drop on the photo wall. You can then automatically filter by the selected folder as soon as the scan is completed.

UI improvements

  • Shooting parameters now stand out compared with other information
  • When the map is hidden a separator is added to visually split the shooting parameters with the GPS info
  • Context menu separators are a bit nicer
  • See the scan progress in the top left corner below the application logo


No more freeze when changing an application setting (especially when adding/removing a folder to scan).

Thumbnails quality

You can now choose even higher thumbnail quality (1024px et 2048px). It can be pretty useful if you have a large screen and that you setup big thumbnails in the photo wall.

Batch renaming

File name preview now displays a thumbnail in each item tooltip and lets you reorder files as you want with a simple drag and drop.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed a file access issue with the country codes file (preventing from detecting images with GPS info)
  • After renaming the selected file name was not refreshed immediately
  • Fixed an issue while reading metadata on some photos (especially NEF files)
  • Fixed a potential freeze at application startup
  • Fixed an issue when reading camera maker or body if it contains a question mark character
  • Visible thumbnails are immediately re-processed when the quality setting is changed