PhotoInsight is currently available in two languages:

  • English
  • French
Restart required
Note that if you change the language you’ll need to close and restart PhotoInsight to take the change into account.

Minium image size

Minimum size

This parameter lets you exclude from PhotoInsight all images which size is below the defined threshold.

If you don’t want to clutter your database with small images (like icons or thumbnails for exemple) you can set a minimum size above zero.

Included folder

All disks

Scan all disks

If you don’t provide any specific disk or folder, PhotoInsight will scan all available disks on you computer (only NTFS partitions).

Specific locations

Scan folders

When you have specified at least one folder or disk PhotoInsight will only scan those location for images.

Network shares

Scan network shares

PhotoInsight supports network shares, you can add one like any other folder, but it won’t be monitored in real time. You’ll have to specify a synchronization frequency (every 8h by default). You can also choose to synchronize it manually. The las synchronization time is displayed next to the path.

PhotoInsight works hand in hand with PhotoInsightService which is a program that runs in background and keeps the database always up to date. Thanks to that, you don’t have to manually synchronize folders, new images are automatically added, and deleted files are also automatically removed. Except for network shares, where this process is scheduled at a fixed frequency (or manually triggered).

Excluded folders

Excluded folders

if you have included a folder which contains unwanted subfolders, you can easily exclude them thanks to this section. You’ll notice that by default many folders are already excluded.

External tools

External tools

To add a new external tools follow the steps described above.
External tools are then accessible in the search screen when right clicking on image thumbnail.

Context menu

PhotoInsight comes with built-in gateways to most common applications, but if you want to add applications that are not listed by default you can them here.

Supported extensions

This is only an informative section showing which image formats are currenlty supported with your PhotoInsight Edition.

Show checker for Png files

If you enable the checker, Png files will have a black & white checker in the background so you can more easily see transparent areas.

Allow to send usage statistics

To keep improving PhotoInsigh quality in terms of stability and usability some anonymous statistics can be send to a server.

  • Crashes: sending crash information will definitely help make PhotoInsight more stable
  • Usage: knowing which features are most used, or which action takes too much time can help to focus on most important part of the application.

Maximum thumbnail cache size

To keep the photo wall as responsive as possible PhotoInsight keeps a collection of thumbnails on disk.
Here you can easily:

  • see the maximum size allowed
  • see the current space used
  • Change the maximum allowed size

Thumbnail quality

Thumbnails quality

You can select a thumbnail size among three possible values:

  • Small (128 pixels)
  • Medium (256 pixels)
  • Large (512 pixels)
By default Medium is selected, changing this value will affect the application responsiveness, the cache size and of course the thumbnail quality.