New logo
PhotoInsight name is tightly related to photo and image handling.
Without changing the application name, this new logo slightly suggests the new 3D capabiility of this new release.

3D files support

Preview, organize and find your 3D files with PhotoInsight. Enjoy the same capability with 3D files as for image files (keywords, author, caption, geocoding, rating…)
Overview 3D
Specific 3D metadata are displayed in the details panel (diffuese colors, faces count, vertices count, materials and textures …)
The real time preview lets you:

  • Manually rotate the object
  • Manually rotate the light rig (ALT+Click)
  • Configure many rendering parameters (lighting, background, blooming, wireframe …)
  • Automatically rotate the object (turntable)
  • Thumbnail rendering settings and preview rendering settings are independent

Drag & Drop

Send your files, 2D or 3D in any other application that supports drag and drop

Filter by directory

Filter by directory
This has been requested so many times that a new filter has been added to filter images by directory. You can off course combine multiple directories at the same time and it will be taken into account in bookmarks

Collections improvement

Collections improvement
You can now add or remove images from an existing collection (contextual menu)

New statistics

Nouvelles statistiques
  • New pie chart showing ISO speed usage
  • New pie chart showing aperture usage

User interface improvements

  • Search bar design has been slightly improved New search bar
  • The currently selected image format is bette visible in the details panel File format
  • You can now pick a keyword suggestion directly with a mouse double click
  • Videos and GIF play buttons have been redesigned
  • The expand/collapse button of the details panel is better size when docked on the right
  • Keyboard navigation has been greatly improved
  • In the feedback window, the message body text is better aligned
  • Improved startup speed when PhotoInsightService is not yet started
  • In the settings, the external tools list now shows the path or a warning if the file is not found External tools
  • When adding a new external tool the default path when you start browsing is “Program Files”
  • In the settings, the list of supported file formats is now sorted by category (image, video, 3D)
  • Integrated help in the renaming window now shows how to add seconds in the file name
  • When grouping by folder the path is cut do display only the drive name and the last folder name (complete path is shown in the tooltip) Groupe par dossier
  • Rename and delete are now accessible in the group header context menu Groupe par dossier
  • A new options is available in the application settings to move file to the basket bin when they are deleted
  • Added support for video files with MPEG or MPG extension
  • A search field is now available in the world map
  • World map buttons visibility is improved Groupe par dossier
  • Closest city is now detected during geocoding process

Bug fixes

  • Fixed a crash caused by the map in the details panel
  • Fixed a random freeze that could happen when using the calendar
  • Fixed a random crash when single image view was refreshed
  • When the country is edited the value is now saved in the Exifs like it was done for city and state
  • When activating a [Pro] license some features were not immediately availalble
  • Fixed a crash when removing an image’s rating
  • Shared network drive scan frequency was not taken into account
  • Fixed statistics processing could be skipped in a specific case
  • Groups expand/collapse icon was incorrectly oriented (design has also been slightly refined)