HEIC/HEIF format support

HEIC and HEIF photos are now supported in PhotoInsight

Flipbook support

Mainly dedicated to artists and game developers, this new feature allows previewing animation created out of texture atlases called FlipBook.

This new feature is only available with [Pro] edition

Documentation update

The whole documentation has been updated.
New content, updated screenshots and more videos.
Access documentation here

Design improvement

New menu color
The top menu background color is now the same the the side menu.
This is a very slight change but reviewing photos in Single Image mode is much nicer this way.

Speed improvement

Photo wall scrolling responsiveness has been improved

Bug fixes

3D Viewer

  • Added one more light for better 3D object lighting
  • Rotating the view was always resetting Pan translation
  • The grid in Grid background mode is no more influenced by lighting
  • 3D files thumbnails now support wireframe rendering
  • STL 3D file are now correctly oriented
  • Vertical view rotation is now limited to avoid unexpected jittering
  • Removed 3D viewer from settings tab because it was useless


  • A file was missing preventing automatic city detection based on GPS coordinates
  • Fixed an issue causing the world map to not work properly
  • Fixed an issue preventing new GPS coordinates from being set on a multi-selection
  • Fixed a crash when up or down keys were pressed if the first or last image was selected
  • Video thumbnails could be missing in Single image and Filmstrip modes
  • File status handling has been improved for missing files or files with reading error
  • Fixed an issue with drag&drop when Filmstrip mode is active
  • Some thumbnails could be reprocess for nothing
  • Rating and pick&reject filters were not taken into account in bookmarks
  • Small design refinement on search tab top menu color