Home Screen


This screen gives you a quick view of the recent activity on your images. By default images are selected based on the date they were detected by PhotoInsight but you can chose a different way:

  • Shot date
  • Creation date
  • Modification date
  • Added date (in PhotoInsight database)
  • Random
Random mode
When Random mode is chosen no specific criteria is used to select images, and you can even click on the button to display a different selection of images
Random images

PhotoInsight Service

You’ll also notice a small icon below the images which represent the current status of PhotoInsightService.
PhotoInsightService is a different program that runs in background (as a Windows service) and is in charge of detecting new images (or deleted images).
This small icon can have two different shapes:

  • Up and running The service is up and running
  • Error - Restart The service is stopped, simply clic on the button to restart it

New files detected

Every minute PhotoInsightService will check for new or deleted images. Each time it happens you’ll be able to see the task progress like shown below

  • /images/common/service_scan_empty.png A new scan has been triggered but no new image found
  • /images/en/service_scan_found.jpg New images have been found and are added to the database
Move your mouse over the progress bar and check out the tooltip, you’ll see the current speed at which images are being added.